The Ultimate Kayak

Performance is now packable! Pakayak is everything you love about kayaking – only better. Fast, reliable, and portable. Our patented design frees you up to explore the waters of the world without the limitations of traditional kayaks. Our Bluefin 142 is a 14’2″ hardshell kayak that goes from bag to boat in 3 minutes. It combines performance, quality and convenience. The Bluefin 142 packs inside itself to 3 ½ feet and comes in a rolling bag. It’s easy to store, easy to move and paddles beautifully,, with performance second to none. It is the Ultimate Kayak!

It performs incredibly similarly to any other high end touring kayak, it tracks very well, is tough enough to handle bumps and scrapes and portages with ease, and packs into a bag that can fit 3 times over in my hatchback! Seriously, a 14 foot boat that packs into 3.5×2 feet… I was (and am) in love!

- Matthew


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