Suggested Retail
$1999 USD
$2399 CAD
Kayaks: Chinook by Boreal Design - Image 2474


Boreal Design
Suggested Retail
$1999 USD
$2399 CAD
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The Chinook is a tour operator’s dream. The efficient hull design will load up while carrying larger paddlers without wearing them out. The Chinook features a large cockpit, inherent stability, and a feeling of speed when paddling. The Chinook is not only incredibly stable - ideal for fishing, photography and wildlife viewing - but with its long waterline length, astounding volume, dry ride and agile performance, the Chinook is a capable long range cruiser yet a fun kayak for an afternoon paddle.
$1999 USD
$2399 CAD

Features & Specifications

  • Model Year: 2018
  • Category: Kayaks
  • Kayak Type: Touring Kayak
  • Paddlesport: Kayaking
  • Number of Paddlers: Solo
  • Structure: Rigid or Hard
  • Propulsion: Paddle
  • Length: 16' 10" / 513.1 cm
  • Width: 23.4" / 59.4 cm
  • Weight: 61.9 lb / 28.1 kg
  • Capacity: 399 lb / 180.7 kg
  • Primary Material: Thermoform ABS
  • Rudder or Skeg: Rudder
  • Number of Hatches: 2
  • Outfitting: Back Rest
  • Seat: Molded
  • Rigging: Deck Rigging, Safety Lines

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